Cosmetic Dentistry

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?
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It is said that our smile is one of the first noticeable features when we approach someone. When it is a beautiful and pleasant smile, there is always a positive impact on the other person. Not everyone is gifted with that perfect smile, but it can always be achieved with the help of cosmetic dentistry in Garden City, KS.

The term cosmetic itself means the ways to beautify the teeth from the outside while conveying a good message to the world. While not many amenities were accessible a few decades back, with technology reaching its limits with each passing day, things tend to improve.

We as a team are known to help our patients with a gorgeous smile while making them achieve what it takes to flaunt a perfect one each time. Each of the dentists that are a part of our team has multiple years of experience and expertise with providing assistance with cosmetic dentistry. We believe in making our patients look presentable and happy while flashing a good smile whenever they are out there facing the world.

How do you benefit from a good smile?

The word smile is synonymous to being happy and courteous. When you flash a dazzling smile, the other person should feel comfortable around you and not find your teeth looking gross with stains and craters all over. That is where we help you get that perfect smile that can convince anyone in front of you of anything. We use the right tools and techniques that ensure that your teeth receive the right attention and care.

Here are the benefits of a good smile

• Your self-esteem is always boosted
• You tend to like and appreciate yourself in a better manner
• You tend to face the world in a better manner without much of a hesitation
• You tend to stay healthy as smiling and having a good laugh is good for you
• Your brain releases endorphins every time you smile, and that is a great stress-buster
• When you smile, you portray yourself as being extrovert and approachable

Cosmetic Dentist Procedures in Garden City, KSgarden city ks cosmetic dentist

Teeth Whitening/Bleaching

The food that we consume these days aren’t ‘all natural’ products and most of them contain harmful chemicals that have an adverse effect on our teeth. Consuming food with a lot of food color or those that are acidic as that of carbonated cola beverage, tea, coffee, smoking cigarettes, aging, consumption of harsh medicines or even mineral damage lead to staining that doesn’t go away with brushing. When you come to us with such an issue, depending on your tooth condition and the nature of the stain, we help you with the treatments accordingly. It could be simply teeth whitening when the stain is faint and teeth bleaching when the stain is dark.

Porcelain veneers

Also called teeth laminates, these are coverings made up of porcelain. When you have stained teeth, bulging teeth, teeth with craters in them or even broken teeth, these veneers are put into place while giving you a comfortable and natural feel. While porcelain veneers are customized according to your teeth structure and shape, it is something that looks just like your natural teeth while making you look good and improving your smile for good. Once you have opted for porcelain veneers, you can watch it last for a very long time.

Dental Crowns

Quite similar to veneers, crowns are those coverings placed on the enamel cap while protecting the tooth/teeth from decay. It is something that is often determined once you visit us and while inspecting the condition of your teeth, we determine whether you would need a crown or a veneer. A crown usually covers a very small portion of the teeth and so if you have faint staining or probably tooth decay at the basic stage, crowns get to be the perfect fit.


Commonly known as braces, it is a technique where we align teeth and make it normal for you. Several have teeth that are crooked and aren’t aligned well maybe one crossing the other. This is where we help you with its alignment. It is said that misaligned teeth can lead to headaches, back pain, shoulder aches and put a lot of stress on the muscles that help us chew. When you come over to us, we check for overbite, underbite, crossbite or open bite and accordingly do we take actions. Braces, aligners, space maintainers, lip and cheek bumpers and much more depending on how your teeth are positioned.

Dental bonding

If you have gaps in between your teeth or there is staining, you can opt for dental bonding. This process involves the use of a resin that is similar to the color of your teeth and is filled in the required areas. Unlike veneers that would require the shape and size of your teeth, dental bonding makes use of a resin that can be put into place on the first visit. This is something that covers up the flaws temporarily.

Dental Implants

This is a technique put to use when there is a missing tooth. We make use of metal frames that are inserted into the gums while allowing it to hold a tooth in its place. Implants replicate the roots of a tooth while making a perfect base for a tooth to stay in place. The dental implant is something that is opted for patients after a lot of counseling as the fear of inserting metal into your jaws can be difficult to accept for some. We take great care to place your dental implants while also providing the highest level of comfort.

We believe in making each one of you look beautiful, and when you flash that great smile, you do not just feel good about yourself but also feel confident in facing the world with equal ease.

Each of our cosmetic dentistry techniques is performed by the experts while ensuring that you own great looking teeth now and for the days to come.

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