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RESTORATIVE DENTISTRYrestorative dentistry in garden city

Did you have an accident that resulted in a broken tooth? Have you lost a tooth due to decay? If you answered yes to either of these or both, we can help you with restorative dentistry in Garden City, KS.

The concept of restorative dentistry is something that brings your teeth back to normal by using external treatments while improving aesthetics and comfort for your mouth.

Dental restoration comes to the rescue for several dental problems such as:
• Worn-out fillings
• Cracked or chipped tooth/teeth
• Dental erosion
• Missing tooth/teeth due to an accident
• Bad tooth structure

While restorative dentistry wasn’t as popular as it is now a few decades back, dentists back then didn’t have the amenities to work upon such oral problems. In the present times, technology has brought forward many easy-to-use techniques which our dentists put to use and restore normalcy for a patient’s teeth.

Whether it is the prosthetic teeth or the veneers, everything is easy to use which doesn’t make the patient feel anything wrong with their teeth or even feel about any teeth being missing or damaged.

How does our team handle restorative dentistry?

With a team of trained and experienced restorative dentistry specialists helping each one of our patients, we believe that you wouldn’t go back feeling disappointed once we have helped you with the dental restoration. Whether it is a small issue to handle or a complicated one, we do it all with ease. Each one of our team members has expertise with restorative dentistry while giving you the confidence to face the world all over again.

Restorative Dentistry Services in Garden City, KS

Dental Filling

This is a technique that we make use of when there is an erosion in your teeth and the removal of the tooth/teeth isn’t necessary. When there is erosion, the nerve endings are exposed to whatever goes into your mouth. Whether you consume solid or liquid food, hot or cold, it tingles while giving you that shooting pain. That is also called sensitivity.

When such eroded tooth/teeth are corrected with dental filing, it is something that acts as a cover to the exposed nerve. Once the filling process is complete, you get to continue with consuming food normally without having to suffer from that lingering pain. Most fillings are colored white, bonded restoration and ceramic restoration for the eroded tooth/teeth.

Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers, in simple words, can be defined as laminates that are placed on the teeth when these dental conditions show:

• You have discolored teeth resulting from root canal treatment or stains from consuming harsh medicines.
• Your teeth have worn out with time
• You have broken or chipped tooth/teeth
• Your teeth aren’t aligned well which could have bulges or even dents in them
• Your teeth have large gaps in between them

When such problems are noticed, we take measurements of your teeth and help you with dental veneers. This is then attached in the designated place to give your teeth good aesthetics.

Veneers are made up of ceramic or resin depending on your requirement and choice. Once you have received veneers for your teeth, you can get back to being comfortable and facing the world bravely. These are covers that would stay on your teeth for a very long time thus keeping your teeth looking clean and perfect.

Root Canal Treatmentdental implants in garden city ks

When the pulp of a tooth is infected while exposing the blood vessels and the nerves, it is usually due to tooth decay. Eating and drinking become difficult, and that is when we perform a root canal treatment.

When you visit our dental office, we numb the area with anesthesia and then perform the cleanup session. While using tools to remove the pulp and the infection in the tooth, we clean the area well while using disinfectants to kill bacteria if any. This area gets a filling and is topped with a crown that is glued to the existing tooth to prevent any further damage.

Filling replacement

If you had opted for tooth filling in the past, it isn’t necessary that it would stay the same throughout. When you eat and drink daily, regular wear and tear cause the filling to wear off. It may happen that you witness the pain that is tingling and lingers for a very long time. That means that the blood vessels are exposed and needs attention all over again.

When you come to us with such a problem, we will assist you with filling it all over again and making you live a normal life while eating and drinking all that you like. We make use of the best techniques and filling material to ensure that your teeth are in the best condition and that there is no discomfort of any kind.

Dental implants

This is something that applies mostly to the elderly who have lost all their teeth and makes use of dentures.

For dental implants, we insert metal frames beneath the gums that hold artificial teeth in place. This is useful when there is a set of artificial teeth, and there are high chances of them falling off when eating or talking to someone. The teeth when putting in place are affixed to these implants that allow it to stay in place and not fall off during any movement. It is usually for those who have strong jawbones and healthy gums that dental implants are fit for.

When there are dental implants, it is essential to take the utmost care of your teeth while ensuring that it doesn’t get infected or affected by any physical possibility.

As already mentioned, we are one of the leaders with dentistry, and whenever you need our assistance, we can help you and suggest you with the best oral techniques and tips that would ensure that you have teeth that are perfect and a great smile to compliment it. We understand oral health very well and therefore, help you with the best results.

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